TurboClean 600X ™ for ₦70,000

Cleaning is Now Made Easy With This High Pressure Rechargeable Car Washer

Perfect To Clean Your Car and Household Surfaces And Make Them Sparkle Irrespective of How Dirty They May Be

It has a Powerful motor that pressurizes the water flow to 22bar, easily removing the most stubborn mud and stains from outdoor household surfaces, gates, benches, garden furniture and equipment, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, steps and more.

  1. Clean Anywhere, Anytime – No More Cord Hassles!
  2. Versatile Nozzles for Every Cleaning Task!
  3. Say Goodbye to Water Supply Worries!
  4. Complete Cleaning Kit at Your Fingertips!
  5. Power Through Stubborn Dirt and Stains!

Self-priming design saves you from the worries about water supply, you can easily get water from any tank or faucet, and the filter avoids the clogging problems.

 Our Cordless Portable Pressure Washer can generates up to 870 PSI for superior cleaning power. No problem at all even to remove tough stains. High Pressure Washer trigger gun features a safety lock. When the handle is locked, the trigger gun cannot be operated. Children safety lock to avoid danger. This Power Cleaner doesn’t need a hose or spigot for operation.


Power Through Stubborn Dirt and Stains!

Unleash the power of the TURBOCLEAN 600X™ and effortlessly eliminate even the most stubborn mud and stains. Its powerful motor pressurizes the water flow to an impressive 22bar, ensuring that no dirt or stain remains unbeaten. From outdoor household surfaces, gates, benches, and garden furniture to bicycles, motorbikes, cars, and steps, the TURBOCLEAN 600X™ is your ultimate solution for pristine cleanliness.

Experience the freedom of cordless cleaning, versatility of interchangeable nozzles, worry-free water supply, a complete cleaning kit, and the power to conquer stubborn dirt and stains with the TURBOCLEAN 600X™. Upgrade your cleaning routine and achieve remarkable results with ease.

Complete Cleaning Kit at Your Fingertips!

Prepare for a comprehensive cleaning experience! The TURBOCLEAN 600X™ comes with a range of accessories to meet all your cleaning needs. From hard-to-reach areas to stubborn dirt and stains, this complete cleaning kit has you covered. With the TURBOCLEAN 600X™  in your hands, you possess everything necessary to achieve a thorough and satisfying clean.


Mr Kelechi *** Benin


It’s very nice wireless and powerful water cleaner. The battery last longer than other. It’s can clear with soap. After I have it washed car and back yard more easier and faster.

David *** Lagos


I like how easy it is to drop the connecting tube into a 5 gallon bucket and haul around my property and clean areas that are not hose accessible. I also think this is more efficient than just using the hose if I were to focus on extending that. I get various directed streams of water through this washer and 5 gallons of water can be used far more efficiently than blasting everything with the hose.

Abiodun *** Ibadan


This cordless power cleaner is very lightweight and convenient to use. I used to own a power washer and hooking up all the cords and dragging the machine to the back of the house was just a lot of work. However, this one is easy to set up and battery was rechargeable. Although it’s cordless, this is still very powerful to use it for car wash and especially for power wash around the outside of your house.

Versatile Nozzles for Every Cleaning Task!

Easily tackle any cleaning task with precision! Equipped with two replaceable nozzles, the TURBOCLEAN 600X™  delivers two spray patterns. Whether you need to rinse off stubborn stains or cover a wide range to wet the car body or bathe your pets, these versatile nozzles have you covered. Switch between spray patterns effortlessly and achieve exceptional cleaning results every time.


James *** Abuja


It is extremely easy to use as well as portable which is always a great thing. The pressure is the right amount to clean my car and lastly, I love how the hose makes it much more flexible meaning I can reach into places that can’t normally be reached. It makes it easier to wash your car when you can’t go to the car wash or have one near you. Would definitely recommend.

Teni *** Abuja


I’m impressed by the power it produces. It’s highest nozzle setting was able to break apart tough grime on my shower wall that would take me a lot of time and elbow grease to take care off, and it was done in an instant. Battery life was around 30-45 minutes I want to say. It’s great for the car, for the wheels, instead of just a light spray like a garden hose would do, it can get nooks and crannies better and the high pressure nozzle setting let’s you remove light brake dust without needing to scrub abrassive sand into the wheels

Ufuoma *** Delta


This is PERFECT for quick washing the cars, and with two batteries I never run out of power (I can do two cars with one battery). I use a 3 gallon bucket with warm water, which usually takes care of a single car. The only thing I didn’t so much like was that the filter end tended to float causing air in the line, but this was quickly remedied by attaching a weight to the hose with a zip tie. Great product!

Clean Anywhere, Anytime - No More Cord Hassles!

Say goodbye to tangled cords and restricted mobility! The TURBOCLEAN 600X™ is cordless, freeing you from the constraints of power cables. With its high-capacity battery, you can effortlessly clean all your outdoor spaces and gear, anytime, anywhere. Embrace the true meaning of portable cleaning with the TURBOCLEAN 600X™.

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