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A New Proven FORMULA To Easily Loose Weight In Just Less Than 60 Days!

After 6 Years, I Finally DISCOVERED A New Proven Secret That Effectively Made Me Loose Weight In Less Than 60 Days Without A Single Side-Effect…

This Weight Loss Formula Puts Other Weight Loss Products To Shame.

Don’t worry another minute about your weight.

Forget strenuous exercises or gym..

Forget dieting...

Am going to show you exactly what WORKS... and how i lost weight fast in less than 60 days!

Don't waste your precious time reading this post IF:

You don't want to burn excess fat

You don't feel embarrassed about your weight and shape

You aren't tired of not seeing results despite your efforts.

If it is your heartfelt desire to burn off those stubborn fat in less than 60 days....

I want you to know that hope exists.


Let me share a true life story with you, it's the story of my weight loss journey.

My name is Nneka and i used to weighed 176kg with excess fat protruding everywhere. I  was also at the risk of losing my husband due to my weight and shape.

It was so bad that for almost a year, my husband did not have sex with me. In fact, he stopped sleeping in our matrimonial bedroom and preferred the guest room instead.

It was really a hard time for me because even outside the home i still had to deal with some sort of body-shaming from commercial bike riders and tricycle riders. Sometimes they refused to carry me because am either over weight or might occupy seats meant for two persons. At some times after spending hours in the park without anyone willing to carry me, i'll have to either pay for two seats so i can just get home and rest or i will take a drop home.

It became too much and i was almost depressed. I thought i was just of no single use, i even had suicidal thoughts at some point.

Then one day, after 6 years of struggling to loose weight without any success....

After 6 years of spending my money on tons of useless weight loss products that never worked.....

After 6 years of deprivation, pain and agony.....

I  finally found the secret to weight loss, which i'll be sharing with you shortly.

So just pay attention and  and be sure to read till the very end. 

But before i share my excitement and secret with you, i wanted to remind you that i used to weigh 176kg and in 60 days i had dropped to 80kg. I actually lost a whole 96kg in 60 days! This was unbelievable even to my husband! .

See my before and after photos to understand what am saying!

As you can see, i've got a new HOTgorgeous and banging body.

Did i tell you that my Husband who avoided me for almost 1 year has hurriedly moved back into our matrimonial bedroom and that we now have sex almost each day? Lol! Thats a story for another day.

Did you notice my complexion is now brighter and am looking more beautiful, happier and confident than before?

The amazing thing is that i never engaged in some tidious exercises or extreem dieting like most people would do. 

My amazing transformational story could actually be yours in the next 60 Days from now!

Here's another amazing result from my dear friend OmobolanleShe lost 50kg in 60 days after I shared my secret with her!

As you can see, Omobolanle isn't done yet, but you can see very amazing results already. 

The story of Omobolanle could actually be yours in less than 60 Days from now!

Here's yet another testimony from Omobolanle's friend, YETUNDE.

After giving birth to her second child, YETUNDE gained additional weights and wanted a change. Omobolanle her friend, went on to share the same secret with her and she lost 12kg in 30 days and that's the before and after photos above.



Purity Slim Green Tea and Capsule is a herbal remedy made in USA with the best of ingredients that makes it easier for anyone to loose weight in a NO RISK way, in less than 60 days.

Purity Slim Green Tea and Capsule has been used in Asia for thousands of years, but actually not all Green Tea extracts are created equal. When compared to ordinary Green Tea extracts, extensive studies show that Purity slim green tea was designed to  support healthy body weight and composition. It’s also naturally decaffeinated so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. 

According to an independent research, 96.7% of those who took PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE combined, lost 12-17 kg in their first 2 -3 weeks!

Now don't get me wrong, The PURITY SLIM TEA & CAPSULE is a magic slimming combo. Its never going to slim you down over night... But what we guarantee is that you'll definitely see consistent results and drop in weight when you use it.

The Purity Slim Green Tea & Capsule Pack contains

  • 30 tea bags
  • 60 Capsules.
  • What PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE can do for you:

    This tea and capsule combined, will burn out calories, excess fat from stubborn areas like belly fat, arm fat, lap fat.

    This Purity tea will boost your immune system and energy levels.

    It will improve your general appearance and skin clarity, making you to glow.

    It will cleanse and detoxify your system.

    It will suppress appetite

    With the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE, you don't have to stop eating your favorite meals even though they are high in carb or fat.

    our weight loss tea is made from natural leaves and so contains no single side effects.

    Usually, We Sell The 

    (1 Month Pack for N35,000)

    While the HIGHLY Recommended

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    Tue Sep 01 2020

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    While the HIGHLY Recommended

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    Plus FREE Shipping to your door.

    So you get to SAVE a WHOPPING N15,500 on the 1 Month Pack N32,000  on the 2 Month Pack.

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    This product is in very high demand at the moment and may soon become scarce.

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    When you combine these 2 powerful FAT Burning formula, you will be able to loose weight in very short time and RISK FREE too!.

    If you order as at TODAY

    Tue Sep 01 2020

    You'll get 2 amazing FREE BONUSES and the reason am doing this is because i don't want YOU to continue spending a lot of money like others. Rather, i want to make sure YOU finally get even more value for your money. Above all, i want to see  YOU loose weight just like you've always desired.

    Bonus 1: You'll be getting a high priced CONFIDENTIAL REPORT from a renouned UK Based Dietitian on the best diet to easily maintain and sustain your weight and shape. This way you don't over- weight again after a few weeks. 

    Usually, sell this report only to our VIP clients for N20,000, but if you order today, it's completely yours for FREE.

     (N20,000 value now yours FREE) 

    Bonus 2: You'll also get for free, a 5- minute per day exercise routine videos from renouned Canadian Based

     FITNESS EXPERT.This way, you only do just minor and non strenuous 5 minutes per day exercise.

    Usually, we sell this video courses for N10,000, but it's yours for FREE today only.

     (N10,000 value now yours FREE) 

    If we were to sell this bonuses, it would amount to a total of N30,000, but if you order today, it's FREE

    I know you may be thinking if the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE will actually work....

    Thats exactIy why we are giving you an assurance that if correctly taken as prescribed.... Certainly it will work.

    But if after 60 days and you don't see drastic weight loss, we will refund you.

    Not only that, you may also keep all the bonuses and we will even send you and email apology for wasting your time.

    Don't take our word for it, hear what Patricia has to say.

    There is no other weight loss burner like this in the market, Take It... or Leave It.

    Just try our PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE and watch your weight drop drastically in 60 days or less before your very eyes!

    Here are 3 REASONS. . . YOU need to quickly order this Fat Burner TODAY & not Tomorrow.

    REASON 1: . It has been confirmed, verified and testified that the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE actually does work for weight loss. While so many other weight pills or remedy does not work for YOU, the naturally made PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE will help you to completely lose weight in 60 days or less - Guarantee!.

    REASON 2: . You will gain back your lost confidence and happiness. 

    You be able to restore your relationship and make your partner happier.

    You'll be able to wear those sexy slim fit dresses that never went through your body.

    REASON 3: . All the FREE bonuses & PRICE DISCOUNTS will PERMANENTLY  disappear after TODAY and price will INCREASE.

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    The dark truth is....

    The ONLY known way to become CURVEY, SEXY or HOT, is to Lose Weight.

    And that’s precisely what  the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE will do for you day in day out without fail.

    Imagine losing weight and getting back to great SHAPE again, ..and  being able to live life at FULL CRUSH.....

    Think about it...

    How BADLY do you really want to lose those weights RIGHT NOW?

    Would you rather keep wasting money on suppliments, drugs and harmful pills that hasn't worked for you, or would you just follow my PROVEN weight loss formula that has consistently brought results for many?

    YOU, will eventually have to DECIDE.

    The Question Now Is....

    Are you ready to do whatever it takes to LOSE WEIGHT?

    I mean are you ready RIGHT NOW to PERMANENTLY Lose weight and put an end to the shame and low esteem?

    If your answer is YES and you're serious about YOUR weight lose transformation, then this is your only chance to Lose Weight RIGHT NOW.

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    Got Questions or Need Help? 

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    Don’t wait! Look at what other happy customers are saying.... This could be your story too.

    mabel Uloma Eze

    Real Estate Broker, Abuja.

    I was asked to get the Purity Slim Green Tea and Capsule for my weight loss. Even though it had many wonderful testimonies and the price was cheap, i still had my doubts if it would work for me because i have tried many that didn't work.

    I later decided to purchase the recommended 2 months pack . After 45 days of use,  I finally lost 30 kilos of weight hen I checked. Am still on the product and i know i'll loose more weight before 60 days. It's requires patience and discipline to loose weight.

    Rating 4.5 out of 5

    Kayode Olabowale

    Graphic Artist, Abeokuta

    I can't believe this product works like magic! I was actually expecting to see results in 60 days or more, but suprisingly i lost 15kg in 30 days.

    Rating 4.5 out of 5

    salewa oduniyi

    Nurse, Lagos

    As a single mom, my health, happiness, growth, and development came last — and i did even realize when i was adding weight untill i reached 150kg! On top of that i regularly smoked and drank away my worries.

    Then one day, i saw your product advertised on Facebook, just like i had bought other products that didn't work, i decided to also buy yours since i was trying everything that came my way. 

    Today, i write to say thank you for this awesome product. I have quit drinking and smoking, i have also lost over 50kg in about 65 days. Your product really works and soon am getting another pack for myself and mother.

    Rating 5 out of 5

    Ekwuchi eli

    Retiree, Port Harcourt  

    Wow! This product is impressive. Athough i have not began losing as much weight since 10 days that i started using it, i really do feel some changes going on right inside my body. I feel lighter and i believe with regular use the result will come. I'll update you guys after 60 days. But i know the product is worth trying.

    Rating 5 out of 5

    gina ikpa

    Fashion Designer, Uyo

    Obesity and excessive weight gain runs in my family. My parents both were on the big side and my dad died from diabetes. I never believe i could lose weight, but the Purity Slim Green Tea and Capsule proved me totally wrong. It works guys! Trust me it really works wonders.

    Rating 5 out of 5

    desmond okpokri

    Contractor, Yenagoa

    After i had my second child, i started eating a lot

    and eventually added more weight than required. I tried various programs and supliments with no result. Just about when i wanted to give, i stumbled on this product and it has really helped me to burn out excess far and am back to shape now.

    Rating 4 out of 5

    These are just few of the countless testimonies we get daily from genuine and satisfied users of our products.

    Results, don't lie. Truth is, any of those real life stories could be YOU or YOUR loved ones.

    Look, I have been there before, I know exactly how the pain and fear feels like. 

    I know It could be very frustrating especially buying something that doesn’t work, coupled with the bad economy. 


    You see, when you use the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE  exactly as directed and consistently for 60 days, If it doesn’t make you lose weight and happy, Please Ask A Full Refund.



    100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60-Days

    If for any reason, the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE does not work as promised, you can get a full refunds anytime after 60 days of your purchase.

    If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly customer care or call Yinka on 09018341856 and you'll get a swift 100% REFUNDS.

    You can also keep all the FREE bonuses (valued at N30,000) as an apology for wasting your time.

    However, we are 100% certain the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE will make work for YOU and make YOU happier.

    Here Are Two Ugly Things That May Happen If You Don't Get  PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE Today!.

    1. You may continue to WASTE money on product and drugs that DON’T WORK, but with this product you will be able to PERMANENTLY lower your High Blood Pressure and avoid all the risks that come from it.

    2. You may end up spending HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in the hospital treating high blood pressure, but with just N35,000, you will be able to PERMANENTLY CURE high blood pressure and enjoy your healthier life.

    Ask yourself right now, would you rather allow all these BAD things to happen....  or would you prefer to take the SMARTER & BOLD decision and put an end to all your worries?

    The CHOICE is ABSOLUTELY yours to make.

    By the way, how much is the PURITY SLIM GREEN TEA & CAPSULE 

    compared to

    To order right away, click the button below


    Got Questions or Need Help? 

    Talk To John: 09018341856.

    (Available 8AM - 6PM Daily from Monday - Saturday)

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