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A New Discovery To Get Relieved From Back, Neck, Waist And Body Pains

You Can Now Sleep Better, Be Relieved of Stress and Anxiety, Experience Enhanced Relaxation With This Full Body Massager


Back Pain is More Prominent As You Grow Older Especially From Ages 30 Years And Above. 

Low back pain will increase substantially due to the deterioration of the intervertebral discs in older people.
As long as you are active, it is expected to experience this. Quite large number of people within this age range are associated with body waist and back pain symptoms which come with fatigue, discomfort, and lack of deep and sound sleep

 There was a time in my life in which I was in deep pain almost all the times due to back ache, my daily routines required me to drive long distance from home to the office and back home.

While in the office, my task also requires me to sit down behind the computer for as long as 10hrs, from resumption till the closing time attending to one thing or the other.

The pain got so severe to the extent that I was feeling so much fatigue, discomfort and also led to lost of adequate deep and sound sleep. I could remember myself rolling from one side of the bed to another almost everyday. God Why Me!

It got to the point I started taking pain relieve pills almost every day before I could sleep, but I was later advised by medical expert to stop it because of addiction and its side effects.

As back and waist pain would not allow me rest, I had to visit a Physician for solution, the Doctor suggested that I should try out massaging from time to time, as the back pain was as a result of my tedious daily activities.

The news of going for massaging as the solution was the last thing I wanted to hear because my work would neither permit nor give me the pleasure and yet, the situation was getting worse.

One day, as I was seriously searching for solution, thankfully I came across this Electric Seat Massage as recommended by a friend who had used it and testified to its effectiveness.

Coming across this product put an end to back pain, waist pain, neck pain and ever since, I’ve been living a normal pain free life.

The most interesting part of this product is that it is movable, I make use of it at home, in my car and also in the office.   

Electric Seat Massage With Heating Therapy For Home, Car and Office Use

 Here are the few out of many benefits you stand to gain by massaging from time to time

  • It helps you relaxes and decontracts muscles
  • It Improves your skin elasticity
  • It Relieves you of chronic pain,
  • It helps you reduce anxiety
  • It supports your digestive system
  • It also Combats the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women
  • It Facilitate good sleep

I know you would love to enjoy all these benefits, but wait!

Does Any of These Below Resemble Your Experience?

  • You are a very busy person like me and rarely have time to go for massaging, though you always wish you do
  • You’re either always on the road, working in the office, Working from home, sitting down on one position for a long time, or attending one meting or the other and this activities are repeated day by day
  • As much as you want to enjoy benefits of massaging and get rid of pains, there is no one to help out and going out to engage expert is not feasible, either due to your busy schedules or large sum of money that is involved.
  • You’ve been postponing this from time to time and yet it’s telling on your body.
  • You do find it very difficult to sleep very well at night and do wake up with pains all over your body
  • You’re tired of taking pain relieve and sleeping pills because you’re afraid of its addiction and deadly side effects
  • You are in dear need of solution but you couldn’t find one.
  • The PAINS are getting WORSE
  • You want to prevent or manage Back pain, Waist pain, Body pain or Neck pain
  • You wish you could find a way out without needing to visit massage center, or engaging someone else to do the job



Portable Safe and Reliable Car, Home and Office Seat Massage Cushion Got You Covered

This product does the massaging work for you wherever you are or whatever you do

You can conveniently use it while sitting down at home, Working in the office, Sitting in the car and even lying on the couch or bed

It has great features that make it suitable and convenient for use

  • It is easy to use and self explanatory
  • It has 5pcs of high energy massage motors controlled by remote
  • It has 8 kinds of massage modes that are available for selection; This is a Customizable Massage Relief that adjusts the position of the massage rollers to focus on your target area, or allow the massage nodes to travel up and down your back for total relaxation; You can also choose to have the massage nodes perform rotating style motions OR a relaxing rolling massage motion;
  • Special heating therapy function on buttocks that gives an extra soothing sensation, you can choose to turn on the heat feature of the Massager.
  • NOT JUST FOR YOUR BACK: The massager features an extra set of massage nodes for the neck area with a soothing heating function
  • 15 or 30mins automatic time for choosing;
  • Three kinds of intensity make different massage feeling;
  • Adopting 12V stable power supply which is safe and reliable.
  • Equip with car lighter, Which Can Be Used When Driving.
  • Gives Ultimate Comfort: Use the Electric Car massage Seat to make any chair the best seat in the house, sofa seats, office chairs, even dining chairs.

It helps fix the spine to reduce fatigue and soreness and free from oppression, effectively reduce back pain, muscle pain and fatigue of sitting position; it can not only reduce sedentary discomfort, but also correct posture.

This Product is Originally Sold For 35,000. If you are getting it Today before the promo ends, you will get it at a discounted price of 25,000. The price goes back to its original price as soon as the few number stipulated for the promo are exhausted.


Electric home/Car/Office Massage Chair

₦25,000.00   ₦35,000



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